Sunday, March 29, 2009



Anonymous said...

Bernie, what a virtuosic view of a "steam"-powered embarrassment. Bloated tourists self-importantly focusing on a kitsch landmark.

Anonymous said...

p.s. which is more ridiculous? the steam clock or the sears tower?

Anonymous said...

Long time no talk!! I don't know what those other folks are talking about, but I love your steam clock....(so to speak) Found you through David Berner's blog. Do you have prints of your work available for sale?
Wayne Cox
Global T.V.

wayne said...

Oops, I didn't quite understand the posting instructions....I didn't want to be known as "anonymous!" Ah, forget it, you got my message...Wayne...ahh, there, that's better.

wayne said...

And Lee, Long time no talk to you too!! Didn't mean to be rude, and not say my hello's. Great stuff, I would hope you will send some of your shots to my weather window at Global. I'd love to show some on the News Hour.

ps. Now, let's hope I can post this properly!!

lee bacchus said...

Hi Wayne,
Good to hear from you.
Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Very nice to hear from you. Yes, I have originals for sale. I have on occasion, made digital prints to sell as well..but the originals are so much nicer. They are quite small. The steam clock actual size is 9 1/2" tall by 6" wide. Email me at for more information. I can't navigate my way to your Global email.
Cheers! Bernie

bernie said...

Wayne, As you see I am not anonymous but rather a novice to the blogosphere. It should read... Bernie replies to Wayne...nevertheless the thought was there.